Thank you for all the work you have done to improve sales at TMF. The State-of-the-Art Selling and Closing Skills Presentations and 90 day follow-up programs you provided to our teams across three geo.. Maria van der Sluijs-Plantz
Chief Executive Officer – TMF Group B.V.
I’ve learned things I’ll use forever!
Jamin Travis Busick Distributor / Key Account Sales Heel USA
Closed 5 deals last week!! Thanks, Lenann, for your support, guidance and belief. The Game On Sales Coaching program we are doing with you keeps me sharp on the follow ups, value estimation and most importantly the closing rates!
Jase P. Choenni Head of Sales & Marketing TMF GROUP BRAZIL, Sao Paulo
We had an INCREDIBLE holiday season in 2016 thanks to Lenann's social media marketing efforts on our behalf.  We only changed two things about our marketing for the holiday season in 2016 -- we discontinued all our outdoor advertising, and we hired Lenann to run a 6-week social media campaign.  Never mind the social media metrics –which each improved as much as several hundred to over a thousand percent – our SALES, and our bottom line, really grew as well!

Jewelry Retail Store Owner Owner Jewelry Retailer, Southwestern U.S.
Lenann, thanks again for your help. Prior to meeting you, I thought I never wanted to be in sales. I really like customer support as helping others and being able to solve problems is my thing. I'm an introvert by nature and so I thought I wouldn't make a good salesman. Your training, Lenann, has brought me greater success in both support and in sales, and I'm really excited that I'm moving more and more into a sales role. My experience in support is invaluable to my current sales efforts. With gratitude…
John Russell Decagon Devices Pullman, Washington
Thank you for your patience, time and effort in bringing our Colombian Sales up! I have become a better seller because I have been working with you – and I look forward to continuing that.
Kelly Rodriguez Executive of Global Business TMF Colombia Ltda. Bogota
In the 120 days following Lenann's Sales Training, we closed over $7,900,000 in new business. Our results for the same period during the previous year: $4,600,000. And this year's results occurred while 8 of our 20 hotels were under renovation! Wow!
Ken Leone (Former) Executive Vice President Larkspur Hospitality Corporation
I heard rave reviews of your presentation, Lenann. Our folks do get very enthusiastic about great speakers like yourself!
Laura Putnam CEO motion infusion
I just wanted to thank you for the past 6 months of working with the Heel USA sales team. You and your team have really delivered on helping me to become a better, more confident sales person and I’m looking forward to seeing those benefits LONG into the future. Every single penny that Heel has invested in you as a consultant has been well spent and I for one am blessed to have your pearls and gems within my possession! I hope that we are able to work more with you in the future.
Lauri Parent Account Executive Heel USA
We have brought in over 100 pieces of new business in 110 days! We will recommend Lenann to anyone.
Leroy Bolt (Former) Managing Partner Condley & Company, L.L.P.
I closed a $30 million life insurance policy this week — my commission is $305,000 — it's the single largest life case in the history of the agency! My boss puts LENANN GARDNER in the category of 'Home Runs I Have Hit' for our company!
Life Insurance Professional Albuquerque, New Mexico