Here are some key things I learned from working with Lenann: 1. I like the concept of a “Challenger Salesperson.” The more interesting, engaging and informative we can be in a useful way to the client.. Russ Conser
Key Account Manager – Oberthur Technologies additional $1 million per quarter this year. Lenann successfully addressed a problem that plagued us for years.
David R. Sandison, Ph.D. Manager, MEMS Technologies Department Sandia National Laboratories
Your enthusiasm is contagious and your charming coaching technique is extremely motivating. Thank you for your coaching and guidance, it has truly changed my approach to selling, and will continue to have an impact on how I grow my business in the future.
DeAndra Valentine Tumi, Inc.
I just landed $300K in funding from the Department of Homeland Security’s Human Factors Group – historically a very difficult customer. The customer actually gave me $75K more than what I’d asked for. Since then, I have developed a trusted advisor position with this PM. She asks my opinion on program ideas and continues to send money almost without my asking for it. I attribute this success directly … specifically to the coaching I have been getting from Lenann
Dr. Ann Speed Cognitive Psychologist Sandia National Laboratories
Lenann is the best sales consultant I have ever met (that is the simple truth) including my Big4, international and local experiences. Her professional, tailor-made approach generated the business results I wanted.
Dr. Istvan Siman Managing Partner Turningpoint, Budapest
“I’ve worked with Lenann repeatedly because she inspires skeptical individuals to take up the challenge of generating business. The Deloitte professionals in the Baltics closed 62 pieces of new business within the 120 day support phase following her State-of-the-Art Selling and Closing Skills workshop. Later, in work with our Accelerated Development Program (people who had been identified as future partner candidates) Lenann supported 18 professionals with a 120-business-day email coaching program. During that brief time, we closed 74 new pieces of business!”
Gavin Hill Partner Deloitte Central Europe
I have always seen you as a speaker who has a clear message to give, with arguments well constructed to support your thesis. The passion and conviction with which you express yourself, allied to a clear depth of research to support your comments, set you apart from most speakers. The audience is always engaged by your speeches. I have seen, in vigorous discussions afterwards, that you have reached people and ensured they were engaged. I look forward to working with you again in the future and listening to your up to date views on the business development aspects of our work.
Gavin Hill Partner in Charge, Financial Advisory Services Deloitte Central Europe
I thought I would give you a brief update on what has happened since you came to speak to our staff last year -- it helped us with our lagging occupancy. The first six months of last year we had an occupancy of 87.77%. After you came, the last six months’ occupancy was 90.73%. That would make an increase of a little over 3%... doesn't sound like much but it is an increase of $109,223. This year we are averaging an occupancy of 91.61%, so it appears that the occupancy is still escalating. Your oratory was excellent and the paperwork you left was of great help!
Gus Peach CEO/President Haven Manor, Inc.
I enjoyed the 121 day Tumi Wholesale Selling Success Program we did with you. It has really changed my behavior in getting me focusing on face-to-face and phone-to-phone time in dealing with my prospects and customers.... I have also learned that, with a full schedule every day, I have to force myself to focus on selling and pursuing new opportunities or it just won't happen! I had gotten too used to e-mails for most of my communications. I know now for the most part "e to e communication" isn't productive - at least for selling purposes.
Howard Schlesinger Vice President of Sales Tumi, Inc.
I've heard many speakers and this one is the best! It's the first time I've been told specifically how to avoid dropping the price of my services!
Ibraham Salman Marriott - Egypt
Lenann Gardner’s ‘Helping Others to Solve Hard Problems’ sessions with us were PERFECT.  She took a group of talented scientists and engineers, and engaged them in intense discussion of how to build better relationships and bring in more money for the work we do.  I was particularly pleased that everything she taught us was customized to our specific circumstances.  She held the attention of the entire group for both sessions.
J.F., PhD Manager National Laboratories, USA